Is a Bad Wheel Alignment Unsafe?

Is Bad Wheel Alignment A Big Deal? The Serious Danger of Misalignment Bumps and dings are inevitable in your vehicle: driving over a pothole, bouncing off a curb, and other minor impacts in your car are going to happen. You pull away, and when you’ve parked, maybe you give your vehicle a quick eyeball- sigh

Changing the Oil and Not the Filter

Oil Changes Without Filter Replacement Is It Possible and Is It Right For You? You know your vehicle needs oil to run, and that oil changes are a regular, mandatory part of car maintenance. But perhaps you’ve wondered if you can save money by forgoing the typical oil filter replacement when your vehicle’s oil is

3 Signs Your Brakes Need Repair

When To Check Your Brakes There are many signs and signals that your vehicle can show that it needs repair. When your brakes need repair, there are three specific signs you should pay attention to, since continuing to drive on worn out brakes can cause damage to your wheels or loss of control of your

How an Oil Filter Helps Your Car Engine

What Oil Filters Do One of the most important services a vehicle can get is an oil change. However, it isn’t as simple as that. Oil gets used many times and runs through an oil filter as designed to keep the oil in your engine clean. Without the oil filter, you’d need an oil change

College Bound

Leaving the Nest? It’s almost that time of the year where our most precious gifts are leaving the nest!!! Are their vehicle’s roads ready??? Here at Miller’s Automotive Service, we would like to help take one thing off your mind. 4 Simple things to get you road ready… 1. Have oil and filter changed- this

Southern Summer is Coming, is Your Car A/C Ready?

Is your car air conditioner ready for summer?  If you’re not sure then let us at Miller’s Automotive help you. Long summer road trips and rides home from work are so much better with cool vibes. Here are a few things that could help.  Ways you can improve you’re A/C  Park Smart  Parking in the

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Do You Need Brake Repair? Do your brakes seem to work less effectively than they used to? If so, you may be wondering if it’s time to schedule an appointment with your local auto repair shop in Gastonia, NC. Because your brakes are so crucial to your safety while driving, you want to take any

Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Be Illuminated

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Check Engine Light When the funny looking amber light turns on, most people either panic or ignore it. The best response is to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic in Gastonia, North Carolina, and have the proper maintenance checks performed on your car. At Miller’s Automotive Service, we understand

What to Know About Black & Gritty Oil

Keep Your Engine Clean With Regular Oil Changes Your vehicle’s oil system is essential for promoting a long-lasting engine and smooth driving. While motor oil can come in a range of colors, oil that’s black and gritty is a sign that you need an oil change. Find out why your oil system is so important

When to Change the Oil

Maximizing Your Maintenance Schedule You want to keep your car healthy, but you don’t want to spend more than you have to. You want to get the professional care your car deserves, but you don’t want to visit the auto shop every month for service. Vehicle maintenance can seem like a moving target with so