3 Signs Your Brakes Need Repair

When To Check Your Brakes

There are many signs and signals that your vehicle can show that it needs repair. When your brakes need repair, there are three specific signs you should pay attention to, since continuing to drive on worn out brakes can cause damage to your wheels or loss of control of your vehicle. Knowing what these signs mean can not only tell you where an issue is but what the issue is.

Response Times

The first sign that your brakes need repair is that your car takes longer to stop than usual. If you feel your brakes don’t stop your vehicle, then the brake pads could be worn down. This is more of a safety measure than anything because having control over your car allows you to prevent accidents with your awareness. Even if you see something happening but your brakes don’t allow you fast stopping times, it can be out of your control what happens.

Screeching Sounds

If you can hear the brakes squealing or screeching it not only can be a bit embarrassing, but it can be concerning. This means that the actual material of the brake pads has been worn so far that the metal rotor is clamping to metal. The sound you are hearing is metal grinding without the quieter material of the pad as a buffer. Without the brake pad you can cause damage to your rotor which can remain even when you get new brake pads, so you’ll need your brakes repaired as well.

Shaking or Swerving

When your rotors are damaged by driving and braking too long without changing the brake pads your car may shake while you are applying the brakes. To prevent further damages you’ll need to get a rotor replaced. Also, if your car swerves while braking, it means your brakes are uneven. This can be dangerous as you won’t be able to control your car as much. When you are braking is the time you want the most control of your car.

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