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Why Your Vehicle Needs Clean Oil

When it comes to preventative maintenance, an oil change is the first thing that typically comes to mind. It’s for a good reason too, as clean engine oil is responsible for lubricating the engine and keeping it clean! Once the oil gets dirty, it loses some of its function and your engine can be susceptible to poor lubrication and dirt & grime that clean oil normally cleans up!

When your vehicle needs an oil change, make sure you visit Miller’s Automotive Service in Gastonia, North Carolina. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionally trained service experts can quickly change out your oil so you can get back on the road. Know that when you visit our shop, you’ll be working with a team that can provide you with a quick and affordable solution!

Signs You Need an Oil Change

The key to ensuring your vehicle is always using clean oil is to follow your manufacturer’s oil change service intervals. By following this pre-planned schedule, you’re taking the steps needed to have your engine perform at its best. With that said, it’s also helpful to understand signs where your motor oil has gone bad. Whether you don’t know the signs or you’re looking to expand your checklist, here are a few ways to know it’s time for an oil change!

Mile Intervals

Although its best to reference your manufacturer’s guide, the advice of getting your oil changed “every three months or 3,000 miles” is a bit outdated. Today’s vehicles can last much longer, with some typically needing an oil change every six months or 7,500 miles. In rare cases, you may have a vehicle that can last 12 months or 10,000 miles!

Regardless of where your vehicle falls within that spectrum, make sure you follow a consistent oil change interval, as that can help prolong the life of your vehicle!

Oil Warning Light

Many modern vehicles are now equipped with a warning light that informs you when an oil change is required. For some, they even have a “health bar” that informs you of your oil’s “health” in a percentage! These systems are typically accurate so if you see that light go off or the “health bar” is low, make sure you visit our shop as soon as you can!

Black & Gritty Oil

Black and gritty oil indicates you need to change your oil, but don’t worry about it just yet! Seeing this color simply means that the oil is doing its job and the color is just a byproduct of wear-and-tear! The situation only becomes serious if you notice the oil has metal flakes in it and it “glops” on the dipstick. That means you’re way overdue for an oil change and the current oil is doing damage to your engine!

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