What to Know About Black & Gritty Oil

Keep Your Engine Clean With Regular Oil Changes

Your vehicle’s oil system is essential for promoting a long-lasting engine and smooth driving. While motor oil can come in a range of colors, oil that’s black and gritty is a sign that you need an oil change. Find out why your oil system is so important and where you should go in Gastonia, North Carolina, to receive comprehensive auto services. Don’t wait until your gritty oil damages your engine or reduces your fuel economy.

Why You Should Frequently Change Your Oil

Your oil cleans, lubricates and cools off moving parts in your engine. Oil is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and is effective at dissipating heat and reducing friction as your engine runs. Under normal operation, oil cleans your engine of contaminants, which are filtered out with your oil filter. However, oil degrades over time, so even under normal operations, you’ll still need to consider an oil change.

Common Causes of Black and Gritty Oil

After thousands of miles, or if there is an issue with your engine, oil pan or oil filter, your oil will begin to thicken, darken and become gritty. These are all signs that your oil needs to be changed. Without routine maintenance and oil replacement, your engine will run inefficiently and could become damaged. In the past, oil changes were recommended every 3,000 miles. Modern oil can last longer, so it’s a good idea to consult your owner’s manual and your trusted mechanic for a better estimate.

Find the Best Oil Change Service Near You

While black, gritty oil may be routine after thousands of miles, it’s essential to change your oil and inspect your engine for any signs of damage. For a trusted auto repair service in Gastonia, North Carolina, turn to Miller’s Automotive Service. Schedule a service today and take advantage of our three-year, 36,0000-mile warranty on all our labor and parts replacement services.

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