Signs You Need Brake Repair

Do You Need Brake Repair?

Do your brakes seem to work less effectively than they used to? If so, you may be wondering if it’s time to schedule an appointment with your local auto repair shop in Gastonia, NC. Because your brakes are so crucial to your safety while driving, you want to take any problems with them very seriously. Here are some telltale signs from the experts at Miller’s Automotive Service that you need brake repair right away.

Brake Light

When your brake light comes on, don’t ignore it. While it may have been tripped accidentally, it’s not worth the risk to continue driving without getting things checked out. It’s important to schedule an appointment with Miller’s Automotive Service as soon as your brake light comes on.

Soft Brakes

Do your brakes feel unusually soft when you press down on them? Some drivers refer to this sensation as “spongy brakes.” This is a sign you should always take seriously because it usually means that there’s moisture or air in the braking system. Either of these things can interfere with your ability to bring your vehicle to a stop.

But how can you tell if your brake pedal has to be pushed down further than usual? If you own a vehicle with power brakes, the pedal should ideally stop between 1 ½” and 1” from the floor. In a car with manual brakes, the pedal should come to a stop more than 3” above the floor.

Burning Smell When Braking

When you’re driving on a decline and have to brake repeatedly, you should not smell a burning aroma. If you do, it could mean your brakes are too hot, or a brake caliper is stuck. In either case, it’s dangerous to continue driving, and you should pull over immediately before your brakes fail.

Pulling to One Side

Does your car pull hard to one side when you press on the brakes? You could have an issue with a brake caliper or brake hose. You’ll need to schedule a repair service to correct the problem.

Schedule Your Brake Repair

If your brakes smell, sound or feel weird, it’s time to get them checked out. Schedule your brake repair service in Gastonia, NC, by calling Miller’s Automotive Service. You are also welcome to fill out our online contact form at your convenience.

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