Southern Summer is Coming, is Your Car A/C Ready?

Is your car air conditioner ready for summer?  If you’re not sure then let us at Miller’s Automotive help you. Long summer road trips and rides home from work are so much better with cool vibes. Here are a few things that could help. 

Ways you can improve you’re A/C 

Park Smart 

Parking in the shade will help keep the temp inside your vehicle low the entire day. 

Start A/C while driving 

Many of us hop in the car and turn the A/C on immediately. However, that can lead to more wear and tear. Also, it can waste gas, and who wants to do that with those prices? A better way is to open up the windows and sunroof. This allows the warm air to escape (since warm air rises). This will also allow time to get on the road before turning on your A/C.

Keep it clean 

Cleaning debris from your exterior grill where it meets the windshield. This can prevent leaves and other debris from being sucked into the exhaust system and clogging it. 

Help from the pros!!!

Replace cabin filter

This should be done every year. This filter traps leaves, dust, bugs, and other debris. When this becomes clogged the air coming into your car is less clean. If this is clogged it can inhibit the A/C to cool to optimize performance. 

Inspect refrigerant

This should be checked every 6-12 months. The refrigerant, also called Freon, allows your car to regulate temperature. This occurs because the refrigerant cycles through A/C to regulate the temperature in your car. 

Keep A/C condenser clean

Dirty coils make it difficult for your A/C to cool efficiently, making your system work harder to release the trapped heat. Over time this wear and tear can consume more energy and leave you feeling hot! 

Just in time for summer you can give us a call or use our convenient online schedule tool to book your A/C checkup today! 

Written by Miller's Automotive

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