Is a Bad Wheel Alignment Unsafe?

Is Bad Wheel Alignment A Big Deal?

The Serious Danger of Misalignment

Bumps and dings are inevitable in your vehicle: driving over a pothole, bouncing off a curb, and other minor impacts in your car are going to happen. You pull away, and when you’ve parked, maybe you give your vehicle a quick eyeball- sigh of relief, you don’t see any damage. But there’s a hidden danger to any kind of impact to your vehicle: knocking your wheels out of alignment. The expert team at Miller’s Automotive in Gastonia, North Carolina, are here to educate you on the dangers of bad wheel alignment, and of course, we’re always here to help get your vehicle back to peak driving condition.

Bad Alignment equals Poor Safety

So, what’s so concerning about badly aligned wheels? When your car’s wheel alignment is correct, your tires rotate in a straight line. The vehicle handles smoothly and responsively, your tires wear evenly, and if you were to briefly let go of the steering column, your vehicle would not drift without your hands on the steering wheel. When your vehicle is out of alignment, in addition to you having to physically work harder to keep your vehicle moving in a straight line, as misalignment causes your automobile to drift or pull to one side, your car is also far less stable. Excessive wear is put on your vehicle’s suspension system, shortening those components’ lifespan. Most important of all, a less responsive, less stable car is a serious danger to your safety, your passengers’ safety, your cargo’s safety, and to everyone else on the road with you.

Ready to Assist

The team at Miller’s Automotive Service in Gastonia are ASE-certified technicians with the knowledge and experience necessary to restore your vehicle to proper wheel alignment. Utilizing the latest in techniques and technology, our team will get you realigned, and evaluate and correct any issues that may have arisen due to operating your vehicle with a bad alignment. Our friendly, expert service team is easily reached by phone at (704) 710-6934, and happily accept walk-ins. Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, we’re here when you need us to get your vehicle back to top tier driving. Give us a call or stop by the shop today. You’re always in good hands with Gastonia’s premiere automotive repair facility, Miller’s Automotive Service.

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